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Crossword Puzzle Flower Bed

So called “Crossword Puzzle Flower Bed” is of interest in the tropical greenhouse where you really find plants the names of which you know from the solutions but you could not image anything real under the names – kola, koka, abaka, balsa, anona. They are supplemented with useful and pharmaceutically significant plants.

Exposure of Brown Coal Formation

The life of Teplice citizens has always been impacted by the fact that the city is located in the North Bohemian coalfield. You could expect that people are roughly acquainted with the history of their region. 

Animals in the garden

The geographically arranged exposition is complemented by a plethora of animals, whether they are exotic birds in aviaries, interesting land turtles, the Malagasy gecko felsum or five aquariums inhabited by interesting fish from Africa, Asia and South America. 

Botanical Gallery – in the footsteps of statues

The botanical exhibits are tastefully complemented by artifacts that try to bring visitors closer to the countries where the cultivated plants come from and place it in the overall framework of knowledge. That is why we invite you to an open-air gallery covered with a five-layer polycarbonate. 

Expert activities

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