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Mission of the Teplice Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden in Teplice is a member of the Union of Botanic Gardens of the Czech Republic and BGCI (Botanic Gardens Conservation Institution), an international organization. 

The Teplice Botanic Garden fulfils research, education and recreation purposes. Main mission is to collect, maintain and document colourful collections of plants from all over the world to preserve the wealth of natural species and mutual cooperation among botanic gardens and scientific institutions not only in the Czech Republic but around the world. Apart from wild growing plants the visitor can admire bred varieties of plants. Accessible exposures serve to the visitors for rest and recreation in the cultivated and aesthetic environment. At the same time they can learn a lot in the field of botany, ecology and environment protection using the information system, guided tours and educational events. 

Our objective in the course of 5-10 years is to continue developing collections of plants from the whole world, building and improving current exposures. It is related to scientific activity and effort to introduce the beauty of botany to the general public.

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