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The work of each botanic garden rises and falls with the quality and responsibility of its staff. At the Botanic Garden Teplice our responsibilities are clearly defined. An individual is allotted a specific area for which he, or she, is accountable. 

127.jpg Bc. Petr Šíla, director

58.jpg Mgr. Jiří R.Haager, botanist

60.jpg Jarmila Malinová, economist

59.jpg Ing. Petr Beránek, Curator

62.jpg Ing. Irena Jelínková, Head of tropical exhibition

63.jpg Bc. Marcela Strnadová, Head of xeric exhibition, Mexico

64.jpg Hana Šedivá. Head of subtropical exhibition, Chilean collections, alpinums

65.jpg Bc. Michaela Dvořáková, Gardener, subtropical exposition, aquariums, alpinums

66.jpg Martina Jirsová, Gardener, open air exposition

67.jpg Petra Bílková, Gardener, open air exposition

68.jpg Bc. Harald Eichhorn, Gardener, edible and medicinal plants, sculptor

69.jpg Iveta Pavlíčková, Gardenerm open air exposition

90.jpg Bc. Martin Alexandr Šimek, Gardener, tropical exhibition  

70.jpg Milan Beňa, Maintenance

71.jpg Michael O. Dillon, PhD., honorary member of staff of the Botanical Garden Teplice. Curator Emeritus of Flowering Plants, The Field Museum, Chicago, USA. Specializes in families Asteraceae and Solanaceae (Nolana), and the coastal lomas formations in Peru and Chile.

61.jpg Ing. Anna Frolíková, Head of the open air exhibition

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