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You will find the Botanic Garden Teplice at the end of Josefa Suka street. Mondays Fridays take trolley bus 4 from Beneš square, but at weekend take bus No. 121 to stop/station Nové Lázně (New Spa). It is a short walk, approximately 200 metres, from there to the Botanic Garden. We do not recommend going by car as parking places are severely limited both close to the garden and in the neighbouring streets. Coaches have two special places where they can park in Josefa Suka street (so called six-house) or during the day they can use usually park for free at Na Doubravce.


The Botanic Garden is closed to the public on Mondays for cleaning and general upkeep. On other days it is open from 9.00 to 17.00 in winter months (from 1st October to 30th April) and from 9.00 to 18.00 in summer months (1st May to 30th September).



Dospělí Adults / Erwachsene / вЗРОСЛЫЕ 90 Kč
Děti 6-15 let, žáci a studenti do 26 let splatným průkazem
Children aged 6-15, students up to 26 years with a valid school card
Kinder von 6 bis 15 Jahren, Schüler unter 26 Jahren mit gültigem Schulausweis
дети в возрасте 0-5 лет, ученики до 26 лет с действующей школьной карточкой
50 Kč
Rodinné vstupné (2 dospělí + 3 děti)
Family Admission (2 Adults + 3 Children) / Familieneintritt (2 Erwachsene + 3 Kinder) / Семейный вход (2 взрослых + 3 детей)
200 Kč
Senioři nad 60 let, ZTP
Seniors over 60 years / Senioren über 60 Jahre / Пожилые люди старше 60 лет
50 Kč
Děti 0-5 let, ZTP/P
Children aged 0-5 / Kinder von 0 bis 5 Jahren / дети в возрасте 0-5 лет
0 Kč
Pes Dog / Hund / собака 30 Kč
Školní skupiny (nad 10 osob, žáci a doprovod)
School groups (over 10 persons) / Schulgruppen (über 10 Personen) / Школьные группы (более 10 человек)
30 Kč
Komentovaná prohlídka včeštině (předem objednaná)
guided tour in Czech / Führung auf Tschechisch / экскурсия по Чехии
300 Kč
Permanentní vstupenka do 31.12.2020 dospělí
Permanent ticket until 31.12.2020 adults
Permanentes Ticket bis 31.12.2020 Erwachsene
Постоянный билет до 31.12.2020 - взрослые
500 Kč
Permanentní vstupenka do 31.12.2020 děti, studenti, senioři
Permanent ticket until 31.12.2020 - children, students, seniors
Permanentes Ticket bis 31.12.2020 - Kinder, Studenten, Senioren
Постоянный билет до 31.12.2020 - дети, студенты, пенсионеры
300 Kč


The Botanic Garden Teplice is a place of tranquillity, discovery and learning. It is a cultural institution and visitors are requested to behave accordingly and are asked that at all times they respect the beauty and the hard work that takes place within its boundaries. Noise can be particularly bothersome to both staff and visitors.

Please, do not stray from the paths specified for visitors. Stepping on the flowerbeds is strictly forbidden. The stepping-stones are only for the use of the staff.

Do not touch any of plants  many of them are poisonous, some have irritating characteristics and can be really dangerous. For instance: Latex from some euphorbia can cause sight loss if it gets into a persons eye. Tasting plants is forbidden. It is hazardous and could result in tragedy - 4 grams of bamboo springs the one that is perfectly edible and delicious after proper processing can, if it is raw, kill an adult.

Please, leave excess clothing and all bags and baggage in the cloakroom.

Smoking is prohibited in the glasshouses.

Do not touch the glass on any of the displays or aquariums.

Dogs are allowed in the exterior garden with two provisos: they are kept on a leash at all times and they come with a pooper scooper and any mess the dog might make is immediately cleaned away. Please, do not take dogs into any glasshouse; the climate inside is not conducive to a dogs happiness.

We allow photographs to be taken in the glasshouses and with a flashlight and we do not ask for a fee. However, we do not allowthe use of a camera with a tripod. Not only is it a nuisance for other visitors but also one leg of the tripod will be placed on the display and this is strictly forbidden. Please do not stray from the specified paths when taking photographs.

Working as we do at the Botanic Garden Teplice we understand only too well anybodys excitement about and for plants and the desire to know more and to possess them. Sometimes we have spare specimens in the storage glasshouse, sometimes we can give you a cutting and give you advice on how to plant it, occasionally we can make a mutual agreement and grow the desired plant for you and then sell it to you for a reasonable price. If you ask us we will do our best to satisfy you.

However theft is not tolerated and we always prosecute.

The surveillance cameras guarding all our glasshouses means that all attempts to steal our valuable plants will be seen, the thief revealed and consequently prosecuted.

Many of our plants were obtained under extremely harsh field conditions: frequently during very expensive expeditions in the tropics. For the enhancement of Botanic Garden Teplice and the enjoyment of all our visitors and friends some plants werepurchased at exhibition height from specialist companies and the cost for this service is high. By stealing both the garden and the visitors are deprived and left the poorer and therefore it is not tolerated under any circumstances.

The same applies to vandalism, damaging plants.


(Send your e-mails to

Here we publish questions received and answers given to do with the Botanic Garden Teplice which we think might prove interesting to visitors both to our web site and to the garden.

A guide through the garden would be useful it could give information about the interesting plants. The facts on the labels are quite brief ...

I agree; we will try to issue such a guide (at least in two languages). But this will cost a lot of money and we cannot do it without sponsorship or some other form of financial support. We are currently negotiating with two German gardens about issuing a common guide with a contribution from the EU (within the framework of regional cooperation).

For the time being, we will extend the information about the plants in our Photo gallery on our web pages (each photo will be linked to more complex information). Please, understand that I do these things myself and I cannot manage everything at once. Moreover our web site will soon work in three languages and there will be a problem in which language to prepare the extra information. With the photo gallery we will use todays lingua franca English these are mostly names of places and countries.

... (the garden could offer) ... also some souvenirs. Cards, calendars, posters or small, succulents for instance ...

The sale of posters and calendars and general memorabilia of a visit to Botanic Garden Teplice has not, so far, proved to be a profitable business. Providing the proper space and the staff for such a venture has not been high on our list of priorities. We have concentrated our funds on our main business - the acquisition of the best quality and most interesting plants in a new and beautifully designed environment. We decided we would not like to detract from our lovely surroundings by providing either cheap or shabby goods, badly trained sales staff or a less than adequate building for housing such things. To do it properly would cost a lot of money, which is not available at the moment. However, it is something to be thought about, and seriously considered for the future.

The situation with the plants (succulents etc) is more complicated than the members of public are aware. Apart from needing proper space and good sales staff the most important aspect is that we plant a lot of species from seeds we receive in exchange from other botanic gardens. This exchange is friendly, free of charge, and comes with the condition that the results shall not be used commercially we sign agreeing to this with each order of seeds. There is also a problem with the species under CITES and they are the most attractive succulents: Aloe, Euphorbia, and whole families of cacti. Again, it is something to be considered in the future.

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